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Hi there!

Gatlin Galleries is a family run start up business that sells, ships and delivers (locally) authentic original paintings crafted and signed by our talented family member artists. 

We believe in the power of paintings and how brilliantly transformative and compelling they can be when placed in the perfect setting.

This amazing business venture was started by a mother and son, fine artists duo. Sandy and Alexander Gatlin have both been successfully producing masterful works of art for many years and want to give people who gaze upon our work a way to transcend beyond average mundane life thought processes. With the accelerating chaos and hardships in the world these days, Gatlin Galleries was brought to life as a way to spread beautiful artwork with the rest of the world in attempt to make it a better place for us all to experience in our own unique ways, one canvas at a time.

Limited Edition Prints

Don't hesitate! All prints are limited for collectibility. When a composition is sold out, that's it, that's all. No more of the same prints will ever be available again. Get your next prints today while you still can!

Pay With Cryptocurrencies

The world of payments is evolving with new financial plumbing and Gatlin Galleries wants to stay interoperable with the rise of blockchain technologies. Avoid friction and purchase our artwork using cryptocurrencies. Options available at checkout!

Local Delivery & Pick-Up

We hold ourselves to high standard when it comes to transporting our works of art. Local delivery and pick-up is available within 50 miles of our local studios. currently located in Missouri and Arizona. Message us here to see if you are near.